Using free or low price government info and statistics that can help you understand your marketplace and your industry

Are you ever researched that your products or services?

When starting your own organization you may possibly need to find suppliers to let you sell or make your services and products. Do your homework before deciding on a supplier.

Do you understand that your competitors?

Once you have a clearer comprehension of your competitors, their strengths and weakness as well as market trends you’ll have the ability to identify your distinctive value proposition and employ techniques to aid your company grow.

When starting your research, it’s essential to get as much information as you possibly can from a number of sources to assist you understand your own niche. Find out about economic and industry trends, customer requirements, newly published products and what your competitors are all doing.

When growing or starting you could need to determine whether you need to buy or rent a small company premises. Make sure that to explore the geographic area to determine whether it matches your company needs before choosing your own company location.

Have you ever updated your Business Plan to reflect your market research findings?

Remember that market study is critical to any business, therefore it’s important to ensure it is a portion of your continuing business program.

Have you ever updated your Marketing Plan and plan based on your own market research?

Finding researching the market on a country or territory can assist you better understand your community market.

Recognizing different kinds of research, such as primary and secondary research processes may allow you to decide just how to conduct market research in your company.

If you should be considering exporting, then there is a range of information available online to assist you conduct initial research into international markets. The Austrade website has country profiles and company information for most countries.

Searching and catching customer feedback on an everyday basis from customers will be able to allow you to identify strategies to increase your products or services.

Do you understand your visitors?

Are you ever researched your own industry?

Are you ever researched overseas markets?

Utilize our Market research checklist to assist you with what to consider when starting out. The checkboxes below can be ticked as you understand and continue through each question. You could also print from the checklist.

Assessing your products or services will be able to allow you to identify ways you are able to improve on the item or methods to come up with innovation in your organization.

Have you ever researched your market?

Do you understand different types of research?

Recognizing your customers needs, wants and buying behaviour is able to allow you to find new customers, keep loyal customers and improved plan your small business, promotional and marketing activities.

Are you ever researched your business location and the neighborhood area?

Have you any idea where to find government sources of data and statistics?

Research your marketplace to discover where the openings and chances are for business growth.

Have you any idea where to find researching the market on a country or territory?

Finding more information about your industry, including industry associations, numbers and benchmarks will be able to help you understand the way your company is running compared to others in the business and detect potential growth regions.

Are you ever researched suppliers?

Are you currently searching regular customer responses?